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Holden VE Sportswagon Cargo / Boot / Luggage Liner

varieties of vehicles - FRONT AND REAR

Custom Made – Mazda Tribute / VE Sports wagon Cargo Liner


We are able to custom-made Neoprene (Waterproof) Seat Covers, Liners, and Seat Savers (Pet Protectors) for varieties of vehicles - FRONT AND REAR

Need to protect the whole of your load area? Fed up with dirt and mud in your vehicle? Then Supertrim's boot/rear comp liner is the solution for you! Our liners are designed to keep the luggage area of your vehicle as fresh and clean as possible. Our high-quality liners is designed to protect not only your car floor from any unwanted damage or mess, but also the backs of seats and the sides of rear compartments and boots. Every Liner is crafted from robust, anti-slip, automotive quality material that adheres to the highest of specifications.

Take pride in having a boot liner that fully protects the luggage area of your vehicles including its side walls, back of the rear seat and the rear bumper. When it's time to clean your cargo mat, just wipe it with a damp rag or take it out, clean it with soap and water, allow to air dry and return it to your trunk! Simple, effective and a minimal amount of time to restore the liner to "as new" condition. If you have pets or if you frequently use your cargo area for storage, then this product is made for you! Now you have a protective barrier against unwanted damage, spillages, and stains throughout the load area space of your vehicle.

- Unlike other cargo liners, which only cover the floor, our high quality AUSTRALIAN MADE cargo liner protects the floor, side walls, back of the rear seat and rear bumper

- Protects the cargo area from any unwanted damage or mess

- An ideal product for customers who have pets or use the cargo area as a means of storage (golf clubs, fishing lines, tools, shopping etc)

- Protection against dog hair, dirt, mud, water, grime or just general wear and tear

- Saves needless hours of cleaning – Wipes clean in seconds

- Custom made to suit your VE Sports wagon

- Manufactured from a robust, anti-slip, automotive quality vinyl (meets car manufacturer’s specifications)

- Optional provisions for cargo barriers and child restraints

- Available in Black

- When there is hair or dirt on the cargo liner… THE CARGO LINER SIMPLY WIPES CLEAN with a damp cloth

The product is made to order; and will take between 7 - 10 working days to dispatch the goods (from the date of purchase)

FREE MATERIAL SAMPLE available upon request


$ 275,00
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